Fencer’s Guild:

Alchemist’s Guild: Located downwind on the outskirts of Stormwatch near the tanneries and other unmentionable/odorous vocations, the guild house is actually a complex of buildings, the meeting hall/dorms, the workshops which are situated well away from the other buildings, and the hospital ward.

The Mage’s Guild: It already existed in a form before the Rebellion but after the war ended, it became the sole group of legalized practitioners of magic in Andover. The Guild created the Blood Crystals as a way for it’s members to survive the post war anti practitioner fervor. They shackled themselves to the Crystal and gave complete access to the Crystal to the King’s men. Some of the members chose to go into Exile or become Outlaws instead of binding themselves to the Crystal, but a vast majority of Andover’s practitioners chose the Crystal.

Trades Guilds:
Physicians and Pharmacists
Judges Lawyers and Notaries
Stonemasons and Woodcarvers
Vintners and Innkeepers
Provision Dealers
Locksmiths and Toolmakers
Armorers and Swordsmiths
Bakers and Millers


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