The Men

Not many people know the origins of The Men, or how each man go his name, what they do know is that these men are not to be trifled with. The Men established themselves in Stormwatch during The Rebellion. Sometime during that chaotic time, they siezed power over almost every aspect of criminal activity in Stormwatch. Now five years after The Rebellion The Men continue to prosper. Each Man controls a different facet of crime in and around Stormwatch, and no man abides outside opperators for long.

The Righteous Man is incharge of thugs, extortion, and “protection.”

The Upright Man is in charge ofthe beggers, pickpockets, and scam artists of Stormwatch.

The Charitable Man is incharge of the second story men.

The Benevolent Man is incharge of the smuggling in and out of Stormwatch.

The Honest Man is in charge of the fences, information dealers, and high scale bribery and blackmailing.

The Virtuous Man is in charge of Stormwatch’s prostitution, houses of pleasure, and like the Honest Man information.

No Man is in charge of gambling, which is strictly under the control of {the God of luck} and his priests. Any man who tries to run a house of luck without the blessings of the priests of (God of Luck), soon finds his luck going South.

The Men

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