City Sections

The Various Sections of the City of Stormwatch:

The Sewers: Nothing much to say.

The Racial District: Most of the races other than Humans that choose to call Stormwatch home end up residing in the Racial District. This unofficial district is split up amongst the Gnomes, Halflings, Dwarves, and Elves, each race taking a portion of the district and influencing it with their own culture.

The Web: Is a dangerous place.

The Docks A major part of Stormwatchs trade comes and goes through it’s massive docks.

The Poor District: Most of the common folk of Stormwatch preside here, most outside travelers will find a place to stay here

The Merchant District: A large throughfare runs through Stormwatch, allowing caravans access to and from Stormwatches large and prosporus port.

The Holy District: Most of the Gods temples are located here.

The Guilds: There is no centralized location for the Guilds, but each one has taken over it’s own part of Stormwatch. The most well know guilds are the Fencers Guild, and the Alchemists Guild, the former for the fame it’s members gain through prestigious duels, and the latter for the strange lights, loud booms, and random, but not too infrequent destruction of property that surrounds the guild hall like a haze.

The Nobel District: Many Nobel families choose to call Stormwatch home, or have a large estates located there, for their frequent trips to the city

City Sections

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