This is the city campaign for the city of Stormwatch, a major trade city located on the Western coast of Andover. The majority of the campaign will take place within the walls of Stormwatch, with few if any excursions outside. Players will live in, influence, and hopefuly survive the city and it’s peoples.

The players are introduced to Stormwatch at a very interesting time. The King is putting a great strain upon his people. So much so that seven years ago a rebellion erupted, and lasted for two years before finally being subdued. Parts of Stormwatch are still feeling the after effects of the uprising. A crime syndicate has established itself within many aspects of city life. Nobel families squabble amongst themselves for any bit of power they can. Arcane magic users are hunted, stigmatized as witches, devil worshipers, and rebels, only Blood Crystal bound practitioners are unacosted.

Times are bad for most, worse for some, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better in the near future.

City Campaign